mayo 29, 2003

.. on a blog you're developing your own voice and it's very much about your voice." (esto salió de aquí, un artículo sobre Wikis)
Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre.

Fifteen Tips for Remote Collaboration; este tema anterior salió de un sitio de e.learning lleno de artículos, este
Anyone can lo nuevo que traen los WebLogs.. decía este tipo

Que es esto de los RSS --> Web sites also publicize their own news feeds sometimes. Look for a link that refers to ``syndication'' or ``XML'' or ``RSS.'' Better yet, look for a little orange box with the letters ``XML'' inside. Clicking on that icon will take you to the site's news feed. From there, it's usually a matter of just cutting and pasting the URL of the feed into your news reader (esto salió de aquí)